Vol 40 No.2

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The Journal of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology is published biannually by the Parasitology and Tropical Medicine Association of Thailand. The Journal aims to disseminate recent research in tropical medicine and parasitology. Original research articles, short reports, research notes and review articles may be submitted in English or Thai (with English abstract). Manuscripts judged to be of potential interest to our readers are sent for formal review (peer review) by a panel of experts selected by the Editor. All submissions are assumed to be exclusive to the journal and become Journal copyright on acceptance for publication.


December 26, 2017

Table of Content

PTAT Journal Vol 40 No.2

Potential invasion of parasitic arthropods in different human tissues

PDF file 40-2-2017-e1 (Kittikhun Moophayak)

Vibrio parahaemolyticus: a seafood-borne pathogen

PDF file 40-2-2017-e2 (Natapol Pumipuntu)